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Angel, A Nightmare in Two Acts
Written by Jo Davidsmeyer**
Directed by Neill Hartley

September 12 – October 1, 2006
Walnut Street Theatre, Studio 5
825 Walnut St., Philadelphia
Angel: A Nightmare in Two Acts is a drama based on the trial and execution of real-life Nazi war criminal Irma Grese. Grese became a concentration camp guard at the age of sixteen, was prosecuted by the British in the Belsen trials, and was executed at the age of 21 for her crimes against humanity. A strikingly beautiful woman, she was dubbed by the international press as "The Blonde Angel of Auschwitz." During the play, Irma's prosecutor falls under her fatal charms. He is drawn, along with the audience, down into a private nightmare where the tables are turned and he becomes the accused. Also dragged into the nightmare is Olga Lengyel, a survivor of Auschwitz, who teaches the prosecutor a lesson about dignity and survival.

** A World Premiere

“…the entire cast then fully embraced their roles, all of which
suddenly became invigorating and exciting to watch as the
dialogue had them battle over who ultimately bears fault for
the atrocities that occurred.”



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