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Written by: Nicky Silver
Directed by: Brenna Geffers

March 3-27, 2011
The Adrienne Theatre Main Stage
2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia
From Philadelphia scribe Nicky Silver comes a hilarious and touching comedy of despair about a Main Line clan and the demise of an entire class of American culture. The Duncan family is teetering on the brink of obsolescence. Patriarch Arthur replaces family memories with delusions of grandeur while his alcoholic wife Grace anesthetizes herself with social frivolities and mindless chatter. Their hypochondriac daughter Emma attempts to escape with her orphaned fiancé Tommy, who buries regrets in cinematic fantasies. Enter Todd: the prodigal son returned from five years of suicidal promiscuity with HIV and a chip on his shoulder. Todd resurrects the skeleton of a dinosaur found in their backyard as his family falls to pieces around him. Can we, as Americans, find ways to adapt in an increasingly complex world, or like our prehistoric predecessors have we outlived our usefulness? An absurdist black comedy that is undeniably clever and unapologetically apocalyptic.
"Pterodactyls, Nicky Silver's quirky, funny, sad social satire, is having a nifty revival by New City Stage." – Philadelphia Inquirer


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