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Voices for a New City
January 2 - 6, 2013
The Adrienne Theatre Main Stage
2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

The special event is an original play conceived, written, performed and produced by the members of our New City Young Ensemble.
The pieces will have a Philadelphia focus from a young person's point of view. This is a 4 month long process of reheasal, collaboration and creation. This exciting new venture is designed, managed and programmed by our interns, giving college students and recent graduates the opportunity to create a professional theatrical presentation and the opportunity to showcase their talents to the greater Philadelphia arts community.

This program is under the artistic direction of New City Stage Company's Artistic Associate Kevin Rodden.

About the show
Rebecca is studying an unexplained phenomenon in Philadelphia. She is hard-working and focused. Timescapes away, an outlaw pigeon wrangler and his ward Winky eke out an existence in a Philadelphia that has been torn asunder by years of isolation since a mysterious incident. They attend the sermons of a prophet named William, a provocateur and would-be revolutionary. When a secret portal is discovered between the two worlds, Rebecca and Winky must decide what their lives are worth, together or apart.

A brand-new, collaboratively conceived and composed piece, and the debut project of the Voices for a New City program at New City Stage Company, this currently inprogress work will feature members of the creative ensemble stretching the limits of storytelling and grappling with the themes and issues that affect them. In an attempt to rebut the adage that "there are no new ideas," ensemble members took elements of the city of Philadelphia that inspired them, and created a unique and, dare we say, original story.


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